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As I’ve been meaning to start my blog for a while now, I thought that documenting my process and ideas throughout this project might motivate me as the prize means an awful lot to me.

The Brief –

Your brief is to choose one of these five brands that hasn’t moved into 2018 and give them a radical rebrand. This is more than just changing a logo or updating a website but making them culturally relevant in a 2018 marketplace. Create a rebrand campaign, website and social media concepts and how a retail activation would look like.

You will have to include trend research in order to inform the design decisions design and brand direction.

my choices:

( x’s mark my main choices)

>Slazanger x

>Donnay x

>Firetrap x

>Teddy Smith

>French Connection

I’m thinking that it will. be best to give an overhaul to a brand that really needs it. Although Initially I felt that FCUK would be interesting to re brand I started to wonder more if it’s had it’s day, not that french connection could do with a re brand but i’m unsure as to weather it would be an interesting project.

what I need to include

Trend Research

  • -Relative to brand.
  • Top sportswear brands?
  • Adidas, Nike, Vans, Converse, Reebok
  • Relevant music
  • EDM, Grime, RnB, Hip Hop

Brand World; Brand Meaning, brand promise, brand values, target audience.


// look up current values etc


>Logo & New brand colour-scheme.


>Social media launch campaign: 1 animated video and 2

Campaign images.


>Website Mock-up

>Concept images of retail activation.

>Chosen Influencers to help launch brand. [Must be UK relavent]

— Music — Culture — Street atrt —



After doing a little research on addidas, I thought about their brave collaborations with hip hop artsits that skyrocketed their stock price.


That got me thinking about the UK hip hop Scene, I remeber seeing this levi’s ad’s with skepta.



This feels like just a taste of the many ways UK hip hop artists can colaborate with up and coming brands to benefit both parties.


Great, I feel like I’m onto somthing.

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