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While Thinking about striking and unusual visual styles I thought back to A$AP Rocky’s new music video, the constant seemless camera movement was so smooth and mesmersing.

I thought back to when I’d seen this kind of effects before and realized It’s not an uncommon effect at all, but it’s not normally used in such a creative way and doesn’t require the budget or skill for a shot like following a bullet in an action scene, in Deadpool for example.

The 360 shots may have required more expensive equipment but the zooming in and out is relatively simply done with after effects using a mask and zoom effects.

From there I started thinking about other visual effects that A$AP Mob has used in there videos. And then I figured out where I’d seen the effect before. In A$AP’s L$D from 2015.

L$D was just a sneak peak of the amazing visual style that A$AP Rocky and his gang have managed to achieve.

I also came Across the Yamborghini High Video That included some really interesting intentional glitch effects which seemed to transition the video while messing your eyes up at the same time. 


I’m unsure If I want to use theese effects to this extent but It hink they will be useful in my arsonal of skills needed to exicute this project with a creative outcome.

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