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Tim Westwood, extremely influential DJ in the UK music scene.

Charlie Sloth, Radio 1 Presenter

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Charlie Sloth interview: The Plug


In recent years, the importance of Charlie Sloth to grime and hip hop in the UK can not be underestimated at all. His trademark BBC Radio1 and 1Xtra segment, fire in the booth, has offered a platform for the finest rappers and MCs in the country to get their first big radio break, freestyling over a bed of big beats and basslines with Charlie’s unabashed enthusiasm and love for the genre shining throughout, alongside with one of moist recognisable radio soundboards going and a jockeying style that is simply inimitable.

I now have a pretty solid idea of what I want to bass my brand around. I think my passion for UK music can really drive me in this project, so I set about looking for the artist’s I’d like to see promoting an up and coming brand.


After a quick google, I came across a list of popular UK Hip-hop artist’s that helped build my list.


With my final choice, I would like to make sure the artists are as spread across the country as possible as I feel it would add more appeal and flavor than keeping it strictly or mostly to London / south.

Plus I’m a northerner, don’t want my side left out.

I also want to put an emphasis on the underground aspect and cover a wider range of genres branching from UK hip-hop. such as:


  • Garage
  • Trip Hop
  • Grime
  • Road rap
  • UK Drilla
  • hardcore
  • Drum n Bass
  • Jungle
  • House

There needs to be some sort of consistency in my choices I think the brand I’m wanting to choose is DONNAY as I feel the name fits best with the scene. It can be abbreviated to DON – Wich is a common term across UK culture.


Here’s the list of artist’s I’ve made:

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