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So…what does dancing babies have to do with it?

Everything apparently- well more specifically it’s about the future.  Something I’ve been surprisingly inconsiderate about thus far, in my own ignorance. It’s not too late though, It’s time to get more informed about what I’m doing and the demographic I’m trying to hit, and more importantly the future of this brand and how it will adapt and even thrive in the future.

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Spot the difference…

Not being into sport so much myself, I wasn’t aware my design had a slight resemblance to the UK Ironman logo, I’m unsure if this is a problem really but I think Hannah is right in that I’ve not been so informed on what I’ve been doing, so in the effort to avoid doing that again I need to take an in-depth look at:

  •  Graphic Style
  • Uk Artists
  • Sports (associated with Donnay and otherewise)
  • The UK Underground scene 
  • What Is my Brand really about?
  • Tennis is still pretty important yo


Here are some notes from my tutorial with Hannah today (3rd may 2018)

I’ve been quite excited about this project all the way through, and since around this time most other people on this brief are finalizing their logo’s I thought It as about time to start applying my design, I even made it 3D (I will include the process in this or a later blog post)

After having a good chat about my ideas which I was extremely passionate about, going over where I was getting to and how I planned to take my ideas further I hit a roadblock, that roadblock was Hannah, and she dropped some real truth bombs on me about my approach to this project, and although I got a little hurt at first, feeling that everything I’d gone with was informed and meaningful, She picked apart the loose ends of my design and made me realize I was just going with the flow.

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