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Making the logo 3D

So while I was quite sure about the logo I thought I’d make use of my student subscription and a slight understanding of Maya.

I actually re-recorded this because the other clips contain hours of frustration.


My plan actually went surprisingly well even though after my tutorial with Johnathan last Monday he told me Maya isn’t the best choice for 3d modelling. apparently, Cinema 4D is the best.   


nonetheless, I had already made the 3d model in Maya and had found there was a way to import it into after effects, where I could handle the rendering in a familiar environment and even have the logo ready to be masked and composed in a scene on after effects.  


The installation and use of the plugin for after effects that I installed to allow me to import an obj file as a 3d object and even handle the texturing, lighting and camera in after effects.

The first problem I ran into was the rotation of objects in groups, it seemed I couldn’t group the model, rotate it and place it in the 3d space as there was a rotation axis that I didn’t know how to control. A lot of the learning barrier to Maya is finding out why things are going wrong and avoiding doing it again, and knowing where things are. 

The most difficult part was saving the 3D model as a usable object. basically, the  extrude effect I’d been using to make the flat vector I imported 3D didn’t actually add the depth and showed missing links in the 


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