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While taking some time to relax and watch youtube video’s deconstructiong and showing how some of my favorate songs were made I had a thought relating to what my friend Pete had said in the tutorial on Thursday with Hannah. He is doing the brief for the design council which has a very interesting approach. To my understanding, it’s about peoples perceptions of a task compared to the real experience of doing it. he had been given tasks such as putting a bet on at the bookies, and he had to compare the plan for the event to the actual experience.

It is interesting how little details can affect a persons perceptions and it proves that there’s no other way to gather information than to try and experience it the best you can.

This took me on an adventure to try and build the mindset of a fasion designer with an understanding of the future fasion market, with the beautiful Alexa Chung holding my hand along the way.

  • Brian Phillips
  • Studied Architecture Columbia
  • liked magazines 
  • Visionaire  magazine
  • NIKE
  • Dion LEE
  • Showroom from celebrities
  • Fashion Culture
  • Public Relations
  • Represent, Art & Design 360 look
  • interesting and unconventional
  • MICA intel wearable tech
  • making it fashionable  (research this)
  • Kenzo uses storytelling
  • Falling models opening ceremony 

Then the show moved on to talk to Greg Fong and Wmily Segal, 2 of the 5 founders of a art collective called K-Hole

They were looking at the expensive, almost design guides for the future people had been paid to make, that were meant to predict the future generations taste to improve marketing. 

As a response to that they created this movement, wich called for much more detalied and analytic skills to create a guide that wasn’t satire, but actually much more plausable and valuable. 


They touched on generation branding and it’s future. They were asked to create the next generation after Gen X and the melenials, and spoke about the milenial culture that will soon surpass. 


I’m interested in Normcore, a word they invented that was runner up for word of the year. 

So with that in mind, I started trying to learn what it’s like to be in the heart of the fashion business from management, to design to retail.

The first episode was about running a fashion business. Set in Busy New York, first describing the amazingly enthusiastic and fast-paced atmosphere, where everyone’s working late and waking up early. She speaks first to THE CEO of VEDA Lyndsey Butler. At her Studio, showroom and storefront in SOHO. There was a mention of the lack of female CEO’s in the fashion industry. and an interesting discussion about how retail is changing but still a vital part of the fashion industry, mainly because of the feel of the clothing. Ecomerence is expanding the fashion industry but it’s not taking away from the high fashion market.

Trend forecasting is a vital part of knowing what to release as a fashion brand.

It features Paul Smith, a man and a brand who has a lot to say about the fashion industry. And the fashion buyers who are paid to spend thousands on clothes.

WGSN is a company built around trend forecasting 

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