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Since ethics is a hot topic that won’t be getting any colder soon, I thought it be best to think about where my brand will be ethically viable and ways to give my brand a more ethical reputation.

I can later filter in the limitations of the brief and try to be at least considerate of the future ethical climate in the representation of my brand. I was inspired by reading about Sports Philosophy, a sportswear brand that couldn’t be more against child labor.

Adidas is the second largest activewear brand in the world after arch-rival Nike. But how ethical are they when it comes to sustainability, labour rights and animal welfare?

From humble beginnings in 1949 in Bavaria, Germany, founded by Adolf Dassler (the brother of Rudolf Dassler, founder of Puma GoY-Ratings_3) Adidas is now a household name, known and loved for its iconic Stan Smith sneakers, logo sweaters, tees and sportswear, worn by athletes all over the world.

The Verdict: Good GoY-Ratings_4

We rate Adidas ‘Good’ based on the 2017 Australian Fashion Report and our own research. Compared to its competitors, including Nike GoY-Ratings_2,  Puma GoY-Ratings_3New Balance GoY-Ratings_2, Sketchers GoY-Ratings_1, and Asics GoY-Ratings_2, Adidas is miles ahead in terms of sustainability and labour conditions. Reebok GoY-Ratings_4 (also owned by the Adidas Group) is the only mainstream activewear brand that is doing as well as Adidas on all counts.

I began finding an interest in the ethical standpoint of some of the biggest brands. It’s no doubt that people care about this, but it’s not enough to show a correlation with the biggest brands and their environment;/ ethical impact.


“Why sportswear brands are failing the environment


Growth in the sports good market grew by 7.0% in 2015. Growth in the sector often peaks every two years in line with major sporting events such as the Olympics or UEFA European Championship.[1]


Our research concentrates on sportswear designed for playing sports, rather than the growing trend for hybrid ‘athleisure’ clothing. “

I was actually quite surprised to read that Addidas is one of the better brands Ethically nowadays, of course I’ll need to research this a bit further.

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