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While thinking about how I could set a strong set of values for my brand, and the popular clothes people wear and I caught a glimpse of one of my T-shirts. Not your standard big brand no, it was one of my T-shirts from an independent clothing store in Nottingham called Mimm.

Mimm is huge in Nottingham, on my standard trip ill notice people everywhere sporing it, I then got thinking about independent clothing and how it related so closely to UK based music. Something often overlooked about UK music is that it’s all about independence, there’s a huge difference in how an independent music artist has a say in how and when their music is released, without a label making them a certain way and forcing them to release music, this gives it a more commercial taste that a lot of UK Hip Hop fans have developed a pallet for.

Independence is celebrated in UK hip-hop, and I think I can bring that mindset into my brand by lending support to independent artist’s, clothing and the people who will be sporting my clothing, my brand needs to stay young forever, and the people I’m trying to reel in are slowly gaining independence in their life, and I think the future has become more about the individual, from my research into fashion blogs and celebrities setting trends, there’s certainly a way to follow all the trends and stay relevant. It’s becoming easier and easier to accidentally become a fashion icon from an Instagram post and the world still needs to adapt to this reality.

I think fashion has become more and more individual and will always continue to grow in this way, this is because of consumers and their ever-growing and changing brains. I don’t think I could hope to start a campaign that makes the world want to buy a t-shirt or endorse a brand because people are no longer following trends the way they used to, they’re setting trends themselves with their own individuality so as a premium market there’s no use appealing to the sheep.

Independent clothing is often even linked to independent music 

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