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Now the briefs have been released I can start thinking about what projects I want to be doing for the first term. Some projects will span over to the second term so I need to choose soon in order to manage my time sufficiently.


I can choose between Staff briefs or RSA  Briefs.


Staff Briefs:

  1. Don’t Make me laugh

The Brief

Your task is to explore the world of comedy and humour and present your research in an appropriate format. Comedy is a rich and incredibly varied starting point for research. Perhaps an exploration of the British sense humour or the history of jokes. Are these Knock Knock jokes? One Liners? Slapstick? Could you explore social changes through humour – what was acceptable in the 70s would provoke outrage
today. How are comedians responding to the present day – political changes, the environment and conflict?

Perhaps you want to focus your research more – the life of a stand-up comedian, perhaps? A night at an open mic? An evening of television before and after the watershed? UK v US humour?

The avenue for exploration is wide ranging and open for interpretation, as is the format you decide is most appropriate to present your findings. So go nuts and knock yourselves out! And if you do knock yourself out, please film it, I’m sure it’d be a great laugh.




2.  Celebrate a craft

The Brief

Your task is to explore and celebrate craft and all that could entail. The amount of craft makers to choose from

is endless, but some you could consider are baking, brewing, weaving, lacemaking, knitting, wood turning,

tailoring, furniture making or even sculpting, painting, printing and metalwork.

Research your chosen skill, discover as much as you can about it. Understand it, then devise a proposition and

communicate it in an appropriate and inventive way.

Think carefully about what you want to say about the subject matter.

• Are you an advocate of it?

• Do you want to tell a personal story?

• Do you want to show the process?

• Are you looking at its origins or history?

• Are you wanting to get rid of its ‘hippy’ perception and make it more acceptable?

• Do you want to brand or rebrand it?

For example, you could interview a craft maker and document their process or look at a particular type of craft

such as baking and brand and promote a baker. It could take the form of an exhibition, TV title sequence for a

proposed documentary series, a piece of animation or even an interactive piece. The choice is yours but

should be sympathetic to your chosen subject matter. Be clear on what message you are communicating to

your audience. What is it you are trying to say and to whom?

RSA Briefs:


Take A leave

Design a system, service or campaign to
encourage or enable parents, employers
or society more widely to embrace Shared
Parental Leave.

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