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I’m trying to find a link between comedy and design. i think the comedy carped is a great starting point for this but I want to dig deeper and see how comedy can influence design and vice versa.

“The thing about skydiving is why do they even bother with the helmets? Can you almost make it ? You might as well wear a party hat, what’s the difference?”
Jerry Seinfeld

it is safe to say that, when a specific item becomes the object of a popular joke, something can (has to?) be done to improve it. What better answer to give for the company that produces this item? To be able to listen to consumers and fix the issue is the mark of a responsible company.

Stand-up comedians are cynicism experts. It powers their observational skills and provides punchlines. The reputation of a product or a brand depends on how the company — and its design teams — chooses to react.

Besides everyday things, human behaviour is another favorite theme. I’m not talking about relationships between two people, but people’s relationship to things. It links again their work to another aspect of user experience design, through psychology and sociology. They might not analyse it, but they will identify the phenomenon.

Source: https://medium.com/@shawram/how-comedy-can-help-you-become-a-better-designer-cadd1e56910b

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